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"In 1954 we had never heard of Jayne Mansfield. She had just arrived in Hollywood from Texas at age twenty-one. While her appearance in a skin-tight yellow dress and her pretty face gave the impression of a sex symbol, her friendly attitude, as though she were visiting relatives, was extremely refreshing. "I have a little girl, too," she said to our five-year old daughter Mary Lee on that first meeting. In chatting, we found Jayne was an Aries, like Alice and I. We photographed her on many occasions in custom swim suits and sexy poses. She borrowed one of the suits for a publicity stunt in Florida that became her first big break. No matter how sexy she photographed, in person that motherly quality was always evident. She loved children and animals. She was considerate too; wrote us a thank you note after one of our photo sessions!" - Peter Gowland on meeting and working with Jayne 

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