Regis Philbin
Regis Philbin interviewing
Peter Gowland
Hugh Hefner
Peter Gowland accepting
advice from Hugh Hefner
Tony Franciosa
Peter Gowland giving "acting" lesson to
Tony Franciosa in Ann Margaret film,
The Swinger
Tab Hunter
Tab Hunter
Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson
Here are two more Hollywood stars photographed by Alice and Peter. Their swimming pool is behind Rock Hudson. The Gowland studio was used for Tab Hunter. When photographing a man, Peter often turns the camera over to Alice after setting up the lights. She has a knack for getting the best expression and for knowing just the right split-second to release the shutter.
Vera Miles posed next to blonde horse Lisa Borges red lycra shorts red socks on Nishiki bicycle
Peter worries about SUV's using up all the petrol in the world. He thinks that by the year 2020 we will all be riding horses like actress Vera Miles and bicycles like Lisa Borges. The horse was photographed in the San Fernando Valley, an hour's drive from the studio. The bicycle set up took place on a gravel road next to the Gowlands' studio-home. This is a location just a few steps away from the model's food and make-up station, which saves the entire team valuable time.
Lex Barker
Lex Barker
Peter Lawford
Peter Lawford
Screen star, Lex Barker, was known for his role as "Tarzan." To keep from becoming type-cast, he rented several costumes for the photography session. This picture was taken on the back lot of 20th Century Fox studio. Low camera angles give "power" to men and make them appear taller. Peter Gowland was an extra and bit player with Peter Lawford at MGM studio. Gowland also knew Lawford from State Beach, where Lawford played vollyball. Later, Peter and Alice photographed Lawford and his wife, Pat Kennedy, JFK's sister, with their two children.
Corinne Calvet in sun hat
Corinne Calvet
CU Anna Kashfi Brando not Eleanor Parker under scarf
Anna Kashfi Brando
CU man
Streisand's husband, James Brolin
Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Ann Gowland
daughter Ann Gowland, center, playing the child of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in Sea of Grass
Venetia Stevenson, daughter of actress Anna Lee
and director Robert Stevenson
Peter Lawford, 1955
Robert Wagner and Terry Moore kiss under water Robert Wagner and Terry Moore embrace in pool
Peter Gowland's water pictures were used for publicity for the 20th Century film staring Robert Wagner and Terry Moore, "Beneath the Twleve Mile Reef"."

Nobu McCarthy
Nobu McCarthy, actress
Jean Pace, singer
Edy Williams in wicker chair
Edy Williams, actress visible at  www.edywilliams.com
after swimming in pool
Esther Williams with Peter at poolside
Joan Collins
Joan Collins, a pleasure to photograph
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock, always a great director, even at home.
large dimple in chin
George Chakaris
surrounded by white fur
Eleanor Parker
twirl dress
actress, Sally Forrest
contorted dance pose wearing striped petti coat tank suit strapless
actress, Mary Tyler Moore 1958
twirl dress
actress, Marie Windsor 1940
dog seated hind legs
Joe Gray, Dean Martin double, boxing instructor for Elvis Presley fight scenes, 1968
Signs of the Times - gas was cheap!
With a $750 used Plymouth and a tank of cheap gas, I was able to spend a week-end with Marie in Palm Springs
She was going with Rudy Vallee at the time. Later she made 148 movies & was of Screen Actors Guild President.
general smoking pipe
General What's his name?
Weegee M
famous news photographer Weegee with
actress Vampira (Maila Nurmi) 1952
Tina Louise
actress, Tina Louise
Deborah Kerr white fur
actress, Deborah Kerr
Anne Jamieson 1961
actress, Anne Jamieson, 1961
Peggy Carnes
actress, Peggy Carnes, 1940
These two young ladies are celebs to me.  Peggy was my first George Hurrell style glamour shot, and Anne was the first girl I noticed to have that rare "look" of beauty even without smiling.  They were wonderful to photograph.
Marie France Boyer PG378N19d.JPG
actress, Marie France Boyer in Paris
Brook Mills PG378N26A.JPG
actress, Brook Mills
Tallullah Bankhead
PG382000G4A.jpg PG382000G4b.jpg PG382G6A.jpg
"Dahlings -- I never thought I'd be shilling for a gambler's joint."

Actress Tallulah Bankhead croaked in that famous voice when she opened her first -time night club act at Jack Entratter's Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1953. We were on assignment for Pageant magazine. Tallulah was paid $20,000 a week. The pundits had predicted that Entratter would lose his shirt. Tallulah was so nervous opening night that she broke out with a case of Shingles. But she topped the record!   Later she was offered $100,000 to do a similar show in Texas.

We found her to be surprisingly friendly when we told her we would be photographing her act. "As long as you don't use flash," she said. She invited Alice and me to her bungalow for a nightcap where she entertained us personally for over an hour. Later, walking across the grounds to our own bungalow, Alice said, "Look at the moon behind those clouds."

"That's no moon," I said. "It's the sun!"

The great Louis Armstrong was also part of the show. In today's world it's shocking to remember he wasn't allowed to enter the hotel through the front door and had to go to the back entrance. He could not stay at the hotel either!

Mae West
Our friend, Joe Bardo, was part of Mae Westís Las Vegas appearance. He phoned to ask if I wanted to photograph Mae in the nude. I almost dropped the phone! "When and Where?" I asked.

Joe was waiting for me, Mae at his side, when I walked into her Pacific Coast Highway home. All curtains were pulled so I couldnít tell what she looked like. She was well covered in some kind of robe. Two monkeys, in diapers, startled me as they jumped from a chaise lounge to a plush chair.

"Where shall we work?" I asked. Miss West pointed to a white statue of herself on an antique table. "It looks perfect where it is, donít you think?" she said.

Joe had tricked me! She had never intended to pose nude. The rest was a nightmare. The monkeys kept leaping onto my back while I tried to set up lights. Finally, I asked if I could take the statue to my studio-home. Mae West agreed.
PG00000382G7o.jpg The following Sunday, in front of a blue felt background propped against my garage door, I placed the statue on a stool. I was about to click the camera shutter when Alice, shouted from the front door, "Marilyn Monroe is dead!" A gust of wind came up. It blew my background forward, knocking the statue to the ground, breaking one leg and landing that sex symbol on her face! Alice and I stood dumb-founded.

Finally, I put the pieces in a box then got onto my Lambretta scooter. "Where are you going?" Alice asked. "To the beach," I said, and sped off.

Later, when I came home, Alice nagged at me. "You have to call Mae, you know."   "No," I said, "My friend and I are going to fix it." At the beach I had run into a body and fender man I knew. He volunteered to help. Oh, was he good! He even replaced the eyelashes.

A few days later, I delivered Mae Westís new body to her, with my photographs. She thanked me, never knowing what happened.

Joe Bardo's picture on "Hollywood Beach"
Stills in Gowland files.     *   signifies that the subject was photographed by Peter on movie film for TV release.
*Muhammad Ali
Gene Autry
James Arness
Louis Armstrong
*Arthur Ashe
Ann Baxter
Pat Boone
Don Bachardy
Tom Bradley
Lex Barker
Governor Brown
Oscar Brown
Tallulah Bankhead
James Brolin
Corinne Calvet
Joan Collins
Terry Copley
Linda Christian
Jackie Coogan
George Chakiris
Arlene Dahl
*Joe DiMaggio
Troy Donahue
*Jimmy Durante
Richard Egan
Marla English
Ann Francis
Sally Forrest
Rhonda Flemming
Greer Garson
Gogi Grant
Arthur Godfrey
*James Garner
Gloria Graham
Katherine Grayson
Englebert Humperdink
Rock Hudson
Alfred Hitchcock
Joey Heatherton
Tab Hunter
Tom Harmon
Christopher Isherwood
Pat Kennedy
Deborah Kerr
Anna Kashfi
Peter Lawford
Tina Louise
Jayne Mansfield
Henry Miller
*Rocky Marciano
Terry Moore
Vera Miles
Guy Mitchell
Ann Margaret
Virginia Mayo
Robert Merrill
Tony Martin
Dina Merrill
Yvette Mimmieux
Julie Newmar
George Nader
Annais Nin
Jock O'Mahoney
Eleanor Parker
*Arnold Palmer
Jerry Parris
*Richard Petty
Jean Pace
Gordon Parks
Suzie Quatro
Jane Russell
Donna Reid
Barbara Rush
Ceasar Romero
*Dinah Shore
Robert Stack
Herb Schriner
Jean Simmons
The Supremes
Russ Tamblin
*John Unitas
Bobby Unser
Mamie Van Doren
Edy Williams
*Joan Woodward
Robert Wagner
Raquel Welch
James Whitmore
Clifton Webb
*Andy Williams
Esther Williams
*Jonathan Winters
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