shooting ourselves
(All photos on this page are of Alice and Peter Gowland.)
Ronnie & Peter

I worked with Reagan in one of his first movies and doubled for him later in "Voice of the Turtle" at Warner Bros. I danced with his daughter, Maureen at a Hollywood party. She must have inherited her father's sense of humor because she laughed the whole time.

When Ronnie was president, Alice and I were invited to the white house by the head of the photographic department. Later we were part of the news section, when Reagan gave an outdoor speech. We were photographed with Ronnie in the distant background. When I was in the movies, that was referred to as "down staging."

In 2001 I had a heart attack and spent four days in St John's Hospital . Maureen was also at the same hospital but we didn't connect. Sadly, she later died of skin cancer.

The hospital had run out of double rooms. They gave me, at no extra cost, a two-room suite on the 4th floor. It had a bed in one room and a bar, fridge and couch in the other. I had enjoyed Intensive Care on the first floor, where I could watch the nurses walk by. In my "penthouse suite," with the hall-door closed, all I could look at was the Pacific Ocean. I'd seen that all my life.

Finally, after one quiet night, a nurse appeared and said, "We're moving you down the hall."

I asked, "Why?"

"President Reagan fell and broke his hip. We're putting him in your bed."
Ronnie & Nancy:   trading arms for hostages.
Med Flies
A pin is mightier than the sword.
A breast in the hand, deserves a raise.
A bird in the hand, better than on the foot.
Akabar's maid & butler.
Christmas in our 50 year old pool.
Alice and Peter edit a 16mm movie.
In Atami, Gowlands dress Japanese.
I got the chimney blues.
Peter and Alice Gowland in leotards
Have tutu will travel.
dear deer
Christmas dinner with our four-legged friends
Peter and Annie
"The sun will come out tomorrow."
Alice loves cat and flowers
Peter loves flowers
royal duo
From Elizabeth and what's-his-name
chefs in aprons
A fowl day in the kitchen
Fred and Ginger
Fred and Ginger
Pride flees bride
Pride flees Bride -- photo by Dean Cuadra
  CU Iguana longing

Unusual picture of Alice in the air and Dickey posing with his back to the camera!

Peter as cop, Alice as Zsa Zsa Gabor
Beverly Hills road rage
roller cowboy and girl
Texas roller rage
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