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Mara Lynn 305A2
Mara Lynn, 1952













book cover Shirley Bonne
Shirley Bonne, 1955
These 330 glamour pictures (95 nudes) were the best from Gowland's l2 first catalogs (of over 4000 pictures.)  This "posing guide" is also a stock catalog for advertisers.  Contact Gowland for print price for llxl4's also.   Black and white printing.    Autographed upon request.

PG377z7.jpg book cover
KA "Gowland Glamour Collection" -

Marla English, Osterman designed tights.

Barbara Osterman
Model, Barbara Osterman, also made this swim suit.

sample model CU
Jill Osborn
Peter Gowland in action.
In this video, Alice and Peter Gowland take you right along with them on seven shooting sessions with five models. They demonstrate how to capture the beauty in their subjects for results that are simply stunning.      30 minutes long

Contents include:

Full-Lengths to Close-Ups in the Studio
Lighting and Shadows
Simple Lighting and Reflectors
Props as Framing Elements and Reflectors
Foil for Wraparound Lighting
Flash Fill in Bright Sunlight
Posing in the Shade
Strobe Backlighting and Flash Fill
Composition that Draws Attention to the Face
Emphasizing the Best
Poses that Suggest Action
Standard and improvised Poses
Makeup:    The Girl Next Door Look
Location Photography
Action Situations at the Beach

Click for   another Video for sale   $28.70 for a 35 minute dramatic show on Peter & Alice together. In this documentary, Alice and Peter Gowland take you through their collaboration since 1941.   This documentary is by Ben Arie Swets. Checks should be made out to him.
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Gowland out-of-print books
Some of the out-of-print publications are available through the following sources:
JAXBOOKS;   abebooks   Google   Yahoo   Barnes & Noble    Amazon Bibliofind   Alibris
1 How to Photograph Women 1954 Crown, 7 printings
2 Art & Technique of Stereo Photography 1954 Crown
3 Figure Photography 1954 Fawcett, 600,000 sold
4 How to Take Glamour Photos 1955 Fawcett
5 Glamour Techniques 1958 Fawcett
6 Photo Secrets 1958 Whitestone
7 Glamour Camera 1959 Fawcett
8 Face & Figure 1959 Fawcett
9 How to Take Better Home Movies 1960 ARCO
10 Guide to Electronic Flash 1960 Amphoto
11 Photo Ideas 1961 Whitestone
12 Peter Gowland Photographs the Figure 1962 Whitestone
13 Camera in Hawii 1963 Whitestone
14 Camera in Japan 1964 Whitestone
16 Figure Quarterly 1965 Development Corp
17 Tender Bough  poems by Mary Lee 1969 Crown, 9 printings
18 Guide to Glamour Photography 1972 Crown, 16 printings
19 Electronic Flash Simplified 1976 Amphoto, 7 printings
20 Hand in Hand  poems by Mary Lee 1978 Crown
21 Basic Glamour 1979 School of Modern Photography
22 The Secrets of Photographing Women 1981 Crown, 6 printings
23 New Handbook of Glamour Photography 1988 Crown - Random House
24 Henry Miller Portfolio  18 unbound prints 2000 Roger Jackson Publisher
25 Classic Nude Photography 2001 Amherst Media, Inc.


Vol 1

706 glamour photos

0 nude photos

Vol 2 281 glamour photos 19 nude photos
Vol 3 288 glamour photos 28 nude photos
Vol 4 300 glamour photos 16 nude photos
Vol 5 322 glamour photos 28 nude photos
Vol 6 11 glamour photos 271 nude photos
Vol 7 307 glamour photos

2 nude photos

Vol 8 373 glamour photos 15 nude photos
Vol 9 13 glamour photos 237 nude photos
Vol 10 276 glamour photos 25 nude photos
Vol 11 227 glamour photos 86 nude photos
Vol 12 202 glamour photos

0 nude photos

Vol 13

330 Best Poses

95 nude photos
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