Canada Goose parkas were already popular with film crews

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Reiss also found cheap ways to brand to market. He gave canada goose jackets to Toronto bouncers at nightclubs and scalpers outside the city sports stadiums. Canada Goose parkas were already popular with film crews, and he capitalized on it. The company is a sponsor of the Toronto, Sundance, Berlin and Busan film festivals outlet canada goose online. Producer Rose Ganguzza remembers calling the coat maker in February 2011 when they make Kill Your Darlings, a drama about the coming-of-age of the Beats and a sensational 1944 murder. "We were planning to shoot scenes on the Hudson River in 20-below temperatures," Ganguzza said, with perhaps a touch of exaggeration. Canada Goose fitted the whole cast and crew for free. "They were loyal customers in each of those people," she says. "Dan Radcliffe" -the English actor plays a young Allen Ginsberg in the film "Every year, wants a new Canada Goose jacket."

In late 2012, Sports Illustrated came into contact with the company to get a crew to Antarctica for the 2013 Swimsuit Issue shooting outfit. The supermodel Kate Upton ended up wearing one of the jackets, a white canada goose Chilliwack bomber jacket on the cover of the magazine, her face haloed in coyote fur. In 2013, Canada increased Goose's US sales by 25 percent; last year, they rose another 30 percent. Reiss expects its sales to grow by half by 2015.

Ask someone why they bought a Canada Goose jacket, and they'll probably say it's because the hot and well made. As Reiss points out, there are plenty of parkas that are a lot more expensive, but will not last as long. That is certainly true: The wrist cuffs are thick and cozy, the outer fabric is tough, and the proprietary down filling retains heat like a pizza oven. Having a large, bright logo advertising how much the carrier paid for the coat does not hurt, either. As with all popular brands, Canada Goose has inspired imitators and Chinese counterfeiters, and it has gone to court to protect his trademark. Company executives have claimed that the forgeries use German shepherd fur instead of coyote (antifur campaigners, fans of Canada Goose coat, would see that as a distinction without much of a difference), and warned that microbes in the cut-rate insulation the knockoffs make them health hazards.

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