Custom Camera with Electronics (Back)

Custom Camera with Electronics (Back)


“Rollei Marin  underwater case”

Peter owned 17 Rolliflex Cameras which lead to him making

over 600 Gowlandflex Cameras!


Gowlandflex Glamour Camera 4x5
Gowland's most popular camera, the 4x5, 30th anniversary model is lighter weight, all metal, black anodized. It uses matched lenses in shutter from 180mm to 300mm. With the 180mm it focuses down to 18", 210mm 28", 240mm 39". The camera alone weighs 5 lbs. Its back takes all film sizes up to 4x5.

This camera can be used horizontally or vertically. Viewing can be from the top with vertical hood or from the back or side with the reflex hood. It has the distinction of being purchased by the FBI, Army, Navy, Polaroid, Eastman Kodak, Playboy, Annie Liebovitz, Yousuif Karsh, Phillipe Halsman, Dennis Manarchy, John Huet, Arthur Grace, David Raccuglia, Arthur Elgort, and Mark Laita.

12 New ones being made (as of December 2006)  
Restored bodies subject to availability. Call for information.

4x5 Alum TLR 2006 Version

4x5 Gowlandflex. - ( 50th Year Anniversary; there won’t be any more!!!)


Please call us for pricing on these items.

4x5 Alum TLR Restored


5x5 Black Alum Top Ground Glass Cover




Gowland Hoods


Gowland 4x5 and 8x10 View Camera Hoods work on Graflex and Gowland Cameras



Folding Hood

Need a viewing hood for your Graflex?
Do you have a Gowlandflex without a hood?


Folding Hood - Please call for pricing.


While supplies last, you can order any Gowland viewing hood separately.  Prices are shown above with the Gowlandflex Twin Film cameras.


Gowland hoods are available in "chimney" style for classic Gowlandflex cameras or reflex.  The reflex style has a built-in mirror.  Either hood may be ordered with a magnifying insert and eyeglass notches as desired.


Adapters for various 4x5 cameras are available.




Wide Angle Gowlandflex cameras accept lenses from 65mm up to 210mm. While similar to the classic Gowland Glamour Camera, these do not have an internal mirror or top ground glass. Use of a Gowland Reflex Hood is highly recommended for moving subjects.

The twin-film version can be used with any combination of films: Polaroid, negative, transparency, black and white, roll film or sheet film. Universal backs with Fresnel lens accept almost any type of film holder. Slide locks extra.When used as a twin-lens camera a barrel lens can be used for the viewing. Body weighs 5.5 lbs. Size: 5.5"x7.25" x 11"

Please be prepared to send your lenses in for fitting at the time of purchase. Cameras are built at time of order from new parts.

Pricing and Options for Wide Angle Gowlandflex
Updated August 2006
standard body

Please call us for pricing on these items.

twin film body
Additional Options and Services
5x5 gowland reflex hood (with magnifier )
magnifying insert for Gowland hoods
slide locks for roll film holders
custom parallax adjustments
custom eyeglass notches for hood
eyeglass notches and magnifying insert as upgrade or repair, installed
Prices shown in U.S. dollars. Allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing and lens fitting. Lenses must be supplied by customer as they are not included. Shipping and sales taxes extra. Various adapters including those for Graflex cameras are available for hoods, please ask about one for your camera.
Wide Angle Gowlandflexes

Movements and focus mechanism are the same as the Glamour Camera. If you like to shoot portrait work with a 210mm or shorter, this camera will work out well for you. A 210mm is suitable for 3/4 and full shots as opposed to head and shoulders type work.

The twin film option allows you the freedom to leave your roll film holder attached while still shooting 4x5 sheet film and focusing with the second ground glass.


GOWLAND POCKET VIEW CAMERAS - Please call us for pricing.

Gowland Pocket View cameras are all made from high quality aircraft aluminum, black anodized for protection and discretion. All models feature the Gowland friction focus, which works smoothly while keeping operation simple and sure.

Available in 4x5 and 5x7 models, the Gowland Pocket View cameras are light, rugged and capable of making world class photos without breaking your back or your bank account. This are ultra-light weight, typically between 3 and 5 pounds including lens and film holder.

Several variants of this camera may be ordered. All parts for these are in stock, ready to assemble into a great addition to your field camera arsenal. The variants are mostly in the types of movements each model will do, or the control of those movements.

Generous draw from the supple, high quality bellows allows use of lenses from 75mm through 240mm. If desired, a bag bellows may be ordered for more movements at the shorter focal lengths.

Gowland Pocket View 4x5 Camera
  • Simple design, easy to use
  • Perfect for your backpack
  • Generous bellows accommodates 90-240mm lenses

Below are two versions of the Gowland All Moves Pocket View. The left one has separate controls for rise and fall, the right is more simply constructed.  Gowland cameras do not include lenses, however you can see that a 210mm Sironar fits just fine. Movements exceed the image circle of most lenses manufactured today, so you'll always have enough perspective or creative control.

Gowland All Moves Cameras


Medium Format 6x9cm

The Gowland Pocket View is also available in a 6x9cm format, which is the same as some Graflex cameras. If you have a 21/4x31/4 film and holders, or a special roll film holder to fit the smaller Graflex cameras, this is a way to have a lighter camera yet still retain the same format. If you have a roll film back for 4x5, you should get the 4x5 Pocket View instead.

Gowland 2x3 Pocket View in Vertical position Gowland 2x3 Pocket View in Horizontal Back Position

In the photographs of the 6x9cm Pocket View above, you can see what we mean by V/H or vertical / horizontal in Pocket View terms. On the left is vertical, on the right is horizontal. Most, but not all Pocket View cameras have the V/H option. Be sure to ask about this and other options when you order your camera. Custom versions may be available from parts because most Pocket View cameras share common components.

Gowland Pocket View Prices and Options

All models feature full front moves including rise, fall, shift and swing. Every model comes with high quality Gowland ground glass and focus panel, which can be positioned for vertical or horizontal compositions. Parts in stock to make up all listed models to your order. Allen wrench and your choice of one lens board included with camera. Pocket View customers may select either a regular or a bag bellows for the same price.

Pocket View Camera Bodies ( extension tube and choice of one bellows included ) Please call us for pricing on the below items.

4x5 Front Moves Only Body - SOLD OUT!


Peter Gowland demonstrates shooting without a camera stand or reflex hood

Make your life easier! Be sure to ask about Gowland camera stands and reflex hoods!

4x5 Tilt Back Body



4x5 All Moves Standard with Combined Rise/Fall/Tilt



4x5 All Moves with Separate Rise and Fall Control



Special 6x9 Medium Format Version Body
(6x9 version includes slide locks and fold-down hood)



5x7 Pocket View, horizontal back - SOLD OUT!


7x7 Pocket View, allows vertical or horizontal 5x7


5x7 Pocket View 3 lb Lite


5x7 Pocket View 5 lb V-H




Parts, Options and Accessories
Extension Tube ( like the rail in other view cameras )  
Slide locks for roll film backs  
Bag Bellows  
Lens Board ( specify hole size )  
Replacement Standard Bellows  
5x5 Front Standard upgrade, add

4x5 Front Standard upgrade to allow use of
Horseman, Mamiya, Linhof, Wista and Toyo


All prices shown in U.S. Dollars  
Shipping and Sales Taxes not included in prices



Need Gowland Pocket View Parts? Building your own? Click here for more Pocket View Parts

Gowland Pocket View cameras can be ordered with various options. If you prefer solid rear base tilts without rear swings, you can order the Gowland Tilt Back Pocket View shown below.

Gowland Tilt Back Pocket View 4x5 Camera



8 x 10 "Lite" - 5 lbs with 1" rods - Please call us for pricing.

Peter redesigned this 8 lb camera to a 5 lb 8x10 body which is almost half the original weight due to the fact that photographers frequently have to "back-pack" the camera, film, and a tripod.

The camera weight modifications were made by reducing many of the metal parts and changing the 10x10 back to an 8x10 back.  The bellows has also been modified as most scenic and architectural  photographers usually shoot horizontal.  This is adjustable; takes about 5 minutes to do or the camera can be tipped on your tripod instead of adjusting the bellows!


  5 lb 8x10 back “Lite” Please call us for pricing on these items.
  8 lb 8x10 back
  9 lb10x10 back V-H back
  Custom made bail handle
  Drilling 5 lens boards
  Extra 5  lens boards

Finally, a way to get unusual angles and action with a large format camera!
Models available in formats from 4x5 through 8x10. Note: handle styles may vary from pictures.


Gowland Deluxe 5x7 Aerial Camera

Gowland Aerial and Aerial-Scenic model cameras are all lightweight, sturdy action oriented cameras that get the job done when there is no time to fumble. Why convert an old 50 pound surplus job when you could have a 5 pound camera that really works? These cameras are simple - just add the lens and you're ready to shoot.

As with other Gowland cameras, models may be configured with various options. All parts are in-stock and ready to make with your order so that it is easy to select just the right set of features.

On the left is the 5x7 aerial model, with semi-fixed focus and deluxe fold down wire frame finder. Semi-fixed focus models have four fine focus adjustment screws. Most models accept the Gowland focus tube, which allows extended focus range. If you are fortunate enough to have a Graphic XL focus mount or other helical mount, Peter can fit it to your new Gowland aerial camera in most cases.

The Deluxe Gowland Aerial 4x5 ( shown on right ) can be built to accept lenses between 135 and 210mm upon request. It includes a cable release grip and the Gowland focus tube. Weighing in at under 5 pounds, it focuses from 4 feet to infinity with a 150mm lens. It is the perfect balance between light weight, proper ergonomics for air-to-air or chase vehicle shooting and simplicity.

When fitted with a Grafmatic back ( not supplied ), it becomes a 4x5 action "six shooter". When not doing aerial photography, the unusual angles and chance moments of street photography or outdoor figure studies are now easy to get. Pre-set your focus, then move the camera to the right distance and you're all set.

Just because there is an action sports finder doesn't stop you from using the ground glass ( included ) to ensure the most accurate focus. Be sure to specify your lens, and also whether you will be shooting with infrared film, as you may wish to have a less than normal infinity focus distance between the lens and film plane.

Gowland Deluxe 4x5 Aerial Camera with Focus Tube

Gowland Standard 4x5 Camera



The Gowland 4x5 Aerial Standard is our least expensive model (shown on left ), At $925, it's hard to pass up.If you want to build your own, you'll spend more than that on the focus panel, materials and your time ( if you pay yourself at least five bucks an hour ). Because it is so inexpensive and simple, you won't have to worry about it getting dirty or wet - you can just clean it off later. It features the same back as the other cameras, however the grips are positioned differently. Horizontal grips enable you to form a triangle with your elbows while sitting on the seat of a helicopter, facing out the door ( do that at your own risk! ).

If 4x5 and 5x7 are too small to fit your style, you can order an 8x10 version for a very modest price. Call for pricing and options on the 8x10, as some parts will have to be made at the time of order.

Gowland Aerial Camera Prices and Options
4x5 Aerial Standard

Please call us for pricing on these items.

Every camera is a unique work of art,
hand-built by Peter Gowland.

4x5 Deluxe Aerial Camera with Focus Tube
5x7 Aerial Camera with Deluxe Finder
8x10 Aerial Camera Body
Separate Parts for Aerial and Aerial Scenics
Focus Tube
Threaded Plate for Focus Tube  
Shift Plate  
Extension Box  

The aerial cameras don't come up often on the auction sites. As of January 2006, there are still many parts remaining, however if you want one of these, you should get your order in right away. When the parts are finally gone, no more will be built.


The Gowland 8x10 Aerial is the ultimate point and shoot large format camera. If you can get a Graphic XL focus mount in good working order, we will fit it at no extra charge. Most people will appreciate the value of the Gowland focus tube instead, as we have them in stock. Graphic XL focus installation shown on right.

While designed initially as an aerial camera, the adjustable side grips swivel to accommodate other types of shooting. If you've ever wanted to capture unique points of view in large format, this is just the camera to have.

You can shoot hand-held or with your favorite tripod. A 1/4-20 threaded hole is in the bottom. If you like, you may unscrew the 1/4-20 bolts on the handles for additional mount points. Handles rotate for optimal position.

Unlike most point and shoot 8x10 cameras, this one accepts a 300mm lens for a normal angle of view instead of super wide. Built to order - please specify your lens at time of purchase.

Gowland 8x10 Aerial Camera ( shown with Graphic XL Focus Mount )
2006 Gowland Aerial Camera
Click image above to read customer testimonial and see sample street photography style photograph taken with the Gowland 8x10 Aerial camera.

8x10 Gowland Aerial Current Model
It weighs about 8 pounds with lens and film holder, the same as a Canon 1DMKII with a 24-70 L lens. Instead of an 8 or 16MP image, how about a 350 megapixel camera instead?Just shoot some 8x10 and scan it at a low resolution.

Shown on left is the 2006 Edition Gowland Aerial 8x10 camera with fold-down sport finder and Gowland threaded focus tube, which rotates to enable focus from about 50 feet to infinity with a Nikkor 300mm f9 lens ( not included ).

To take solid, tack-sharp photographs at night, you can pre-focus the camera to the desired subject range using the high quality Gowland ground glass included on the back of the camera. After that, simply stabilize the camera using a bean bag or small tripod and then use the sport finder to ensure proper framing. It's so simple to make fantastic quality 8x10 negatives and slides this way.


Gowland Folding Sports Finder

Gowland Folding Sport Finder - (when sold separately) - Please call for pricing.
This handy sports finder comes with the 8x10 aerial, however it is available as a separate component. You can add this to any Gowland 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 or even use on your existing camera with a hot shoe.

As with most Gowland camera parts, construction is all-aluminum with black anodized coating. Specify normal or long focal length.

Gowland Optical Finder
Designed for wider angle lenses than the Gowland folding sport finder, the Gowland optical finder allows hand-held shooting of larger format cameras. Separate format masks may be used to make the finder more versatile.In addition to an on-camera finder, one may simply carry the finder around while scouting to help visualize the best possible locations and compositions. Attaches to hot shoe.

Gowland Optical Finder Prices    
Optical finder for normal and wide lenses Please call for pricing.
Additional format masks

Specify focal length and format when ordering.
Gowland Optical Finder for Large Format Cameras

PG-8x10 flex2

Camera parts are sub-contracted out and assembled locally.

This craftsman is spot-welding 100 Gowlandflex camera bodies!





Custom Cameras


PG-8x10 flex2 PG-8x10 flex2

Long, 48” bellows

Bag Bellows


PG-8x10 flex2


PG-8x10 flex2

4x5 Architectural – Scenic

(extension box , right , both  with Gowland focus.

Finder extra; Please call for pricing.

5x7 top and back on 4x5 conversion; takes 240mm or 300mm lenses, (only one left):

Please call for pricing.


PG-8x10 flex2


PG-8x10 flex2

5x7 Architectual –Scenic  Finder extra


8x10 /4x5 Piggy-Back  has Reflex hood; lenses extra. (only one left): Please call for pricing.


32" Aerial Scenic Custom Camera


PG-8x10 flex2

Photo shows Gowland's personal camera.  Small, cordless telephone ("Lite set" from DAK Catalog) has 1000 foot capability and can be used by Peter, his model or his client.  A mirror has been installed on the hood for the model to check hair and make-up.  Bracket on each side of camera to take strobe heads.


Custom Camera with Electronics (Front/Side)

Custom Camera with Electronics (Back)

Custom Camera with Electronics (Side)

Custom with Electronics!



Gowland Body

Please call us for pricing on these items.


2-150mm Barrel Lenses


Shutter inside body


Reflex Hood


Swing Magnifying Glass


Polaroid Back





child on swing

These 2-picutres were taken with a $12 Vest Pocket Kodak!


Custom Camera with Electronics (Back)


Custom Camera with Electronics (Back)

In 1929, Peter’s mother bought him this $12, 11 oz, 127 Vest Pocket Kodak to photograph his father, playing the role of Lupe Valez’s father in “Hell’s Harbour” in Tampa Florida. Peter was 13 and loved to be behind the wheel of a speed boat.  That same year, Peter was arrested, on Pacific Coast highway driving his father’s  4 cylinder Buick with a broken muffler. In court, he had received his driver’s license at 14.




PG-8x10 flex2

PG-8x10 flex2

Peter in his 20's, had to put 3-cameras together; “From sublime to ridiculous!"

I wasn't fond of this camera; weighs about 35lbs...

I never used it!  Price (without lenses):

Please call for pricing.


The "insert" is the same camera without the tilt lens boards.

We only made six, but I am getting requests to make more.



Please note that cameras listed for sale do not include lenses or accessories.

Call for more information.






Updated April 13, 2010. All contents copyright ©2005-2010 Peter Gowland.