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2014/15 UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg a focus on war started competing at the Allianz Arena, Barcelona away 2-3 loss to Bayern Munich. Tia Burnett first break, but Neymar scoring two goals ahead, Levante and Muller scored to help Bayern to reverse, but not enough to help the score 3-2 at home to Bayern qualify, Barcelona 5-3 Bayern into the Champions League final. The opponent will be the winner between Real Madrid and Juventus.

canada goose jacket outlet review 7 minutes, Bayern first goal, Alonso corner, unguarded Burnett Tia headed home, Bayern 1-0 Barca.

The first 15 minutes,outlet canada goose online Barcelona to tie the game, Messi forward pass, offside Suarez cross struck, Neymar easily into the empty goal, Barcelona 1-1 Bayern.

The first 29 minutes, Barcelona go-ahead score, Messi header after the top, Suarez pass in counterattack, failed to intercept the Bayern players, Neymar launched into the lower left corner of the goal, Barcelona 2-1 Bayern.

The second half Easy side battles, the first 59 minutes, Bayern tie the game, Schweinsteiger pass, Lewandowski flashed a defender enters the lower right corner, Bayern 2-2 Barca.

canada goose vest outlet store The first 74 minutes, Bayern go-ahead score, return Schweinsteiger, Muller launched into the lower right corner, Bayern 3-2 Barca.

Ultimately, though Bayern won 3-2, but losing the first leg 0-3 away, they were 3-5 Barcelona eliminated.

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